How to Effectively Defend Yourself Against Federal Criminal Charges

Why you need this book: This book shows you what’s coming at you in a federal criminal case, and tells you how to protect and preserve your rights at every stage of the proceedings.

Oscar Stilley

Busting The Feds (BTF) believes that everyone is entitled to put up the best defense permitted by their mind, their money, and the current state of technological art.  Due process isn’t conditioned on the nature of your charges or whether you are incarcerated pre-trial.  You have a right to put the government to their proof, without fear of retaliation.

We’re not the biggest or oldest legal support services company.  But we have the experience of living the life of a federal criminal trial lawyer, for many years.  We also know what it’s like to spend 10 years in federal prison. That’s a rare blend of experiences.

BTF is committed to providing the legal support services necessary to allow federal criminal defendants to do their best work, in defense of their liberty and their civil rights.  Here’s our proposal.  Spend a little money, give us a chance, evaluate our worth, take it from there.