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Get Court Documents

Let us help you get your docket sheets, docket items, transcripts, discovery, and other court records.

Timelines, Abstracts, Lists

Timelines, abstracts, and lists allow your attorney to work much more efficiently. Make them and own them, so you keep control and keep your options open.

General Services

When you’re locked up, it is hard to get things done. We can get the information you need, just ask us.

Draft Legal Papers

Sometimes you know what you want but you can’t quite say it the way you know it needs to be said. This is where you need an expert draftsman capable of putting your information into the proper pleading, well written and edited. Of course you remain in control of getting legal advice to go with the papers.

FTCA Tort Claims

FTCA tort claims are far and away the best way to get money from the government for the failure to provide timely, competent medical and dental care to all inmates.