I practiced law for some 19 years before coming to federal prison on a 15 year prison sentence on 4-23-2010. I represented defendants in criminal trials, both in Arkansas courts and in federal courts. I know what its like to represent defendants, and I know what its like to be one.

Furthermore, in the 10 plus years since I’ve been locked up, I’ve talked to countless other prisoners. Certain common threads can be found in the way individuals defend criminal charges. This book is designed for the individual facing US federal criminal prosecution.  About

50-60,000 Americans are processed through the federal criminal process in a year.

Some of that involves revocations of probation, but most of it is individuals facing an indictment or criminal complaint.   That means either pleading guilty or going to trial. Nobody in the world can make that process fun – there’s no use to try. I’m just trying to take as much sting out of it as I can.