Legal Support Services

We Get Timelines, Abstracts, And Lists


From day one, you are ahead of the game if you distill information down to its fundamental essence. When you need to get information into your lawyer’s mind, you need three things:

1) The facts and information that might reasonably affect your rights; and
2) Confidence that your distillations are true and correct; and
3) The presentation that allows both you and your lawyer to absorb that information thoroughly and effectively, in the least amount of time reasonably practicable.

Since you are the one who will pay the price for errors, you need to be in charge of ensuring that you have all the information that might reasonably affect your rights. That’s why we encourage you to maintain Ibico bound sets of everything that matters. That’s why we encourage you to study the materials enough to understand them. That’s why we value your feedback and constructive criticism.

You will often find that the same distillations of information that assist you in effectively prosecuting your case are also persuasive to a court. If you show the court that you respect her time, and that you only make arguments that have a reasonable basis in law and fact, you gain credibility. Timelines, lists, abstracts, and similar distillations of information can be your best tools, to prove to the court that your arguments are well supported by the facts.