Lawsuit filed against doctor who violated Texas Heartbeat Act

I have filed a civil complaint against Dr. Alan Braid, MD, the doctor who violated the Texas Heartbeat Act, this September 20, 2021. Dr. Braid wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post, explaining his reasoning. If he was trying to get sued, he succeeded.

I furthermore intend to use this blog to provide periodic updates of developments in this litigation. Let the litigation begin, and may the best argument win.

19 thoughts on “Lawsuit filed against doctor who violated Texas Heartbeat Act”

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      1. You have to actually serve the suit to start the clock. I understand what you are doing here but until you do that the suit itself and the objective you are trying to achieve is meaningless.

        1. No, I planned to first inquire of counsel to see if they might be willing to waive service of process, answer promptly, and proceed with litigation. Thus far I have no such assurances. I understand that the clock does not start ticking until valid service is effectuated. Thanks for the note.

          1. Sounds like they aren’t going to waive service at this point. It’s your lawsuit so you can obviously choose to handle as you wish but probably about time to start calling the county constable or process server. Understand that I come at this from a place of wanting to see this move quickly because I want the law considered on its constitutional merits. You did what needed to be done in filing a suit and I hope to see the process begin soon.

      2. I Understand and I believe in you. I know you will win for you wouldn’t have filed it had you not thought it out. Oscar do it in other aspects in Law please, not just for convicted felons. America needs people like you to exercise the full extent of laws.

        Thank You Mr. Stilley.

    1. Sadly, a tax cheat male, feeling “alpha,” takes it upon himself to file a frivolous lawsuit against a health care professional. I admit the sinners (lawyers – lower than pond scum males) who devised the Texas law were smart but will the kickbacks really make you or others happy. Lastly, there are more of us willing to fight. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Remember all the money you earn, can’t buy your way into heaven (if there is one), and well it’s just paper.

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  3. An opportunist not really interested in saving babies but rather scoring some money and ill-conceived fame. Go Texas! Please secede….the rest of the country is ashamed to have your state as part of the country.

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