Opening brief filed in 2255 appeal


I filed my appeal brief 4-15-2022, an auspicious date considering that my conviction was for utterly bogus and fraudulent tax charges.  Hard copy arrived in the clerk’s office Wednesday the 20th.  The link goes to my filemarked pdf version, with appendices.  If you want the unfiled Word version, you’d need to find my email address, in the signature block, and send me a request for it.

Keep in mind that this is a combination opening brief and motion for certificate of appealability.  District Judge Stephen P. Friot refused to grant a certificate of appealability.  Unless an appellate judge grants a certificate of appealability, the government won’t even have to respond to this brief.  It’s dead in the water, waiting for a petition to the US Supreme Court.

I used 12,986 words, 14 under my limit.  Feel free to take this reading in small doses.  This is far from light reading, and there are a lot of links used to reference the record, support my position, etc.  Find a section in the table of contents that looks interesting to you, and read it.  Clearly you’ll be missing parts of the puzzle laid out elsewhere.  But you can always come back and read more later.

Happy reading.

Oscar Stilley