State of georgia v. trump docket

23SC188947 | The State of Georgia VS DONALD JOHN TRUMP Case Number 23SC188947 Court EJ15

Judicial Officer MCAFEE, SCOTT File Date 08/14/2023  Case Type GC-GENERAL COMPLEX

Click here for a full official Trump docket as of 9-7-2023, paginated and modified slightly to allow you to see the statutory basis for each charge. Otherwise verbatim in all its incompetent glory, this document will help you appreciate this effort at sanity and reason. 

Please note that this is Trump’s docket.  All 19 defendants have separate dockets. Most of the docket items are common to all the defendants. Fulton County, Georgia makes it uncommonly difficult to figure out which filings are common and which filings are unique to one or more separate defendants.  Trying to assemble a full, coherent set of filings is a nightmare.

The goal is to get a complete set of all the material filings in all the cases, in chronological order, using the docket numbers assigned by the clerk.

I plan to set up a GoFundMe page. The object is to fund the work necessary to ensure that the press and the public are fully and adequately informed of the facts and law relevant to this litigation.

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49.       09-18-2023    Trump’s adoption of Powell’s motion to dismiss Count 1.  /s/ Steven Sadow.

48.       09-15-2023    Order for hearing  9-20-2023, concerning the State’s motion to restrict jurors identity.

47.       09-14-2023    State’s response in opposition to Chesebro’s motion to unseal grand jury materials. /s/ F. McDonald Wakeford, Alex Bernick. 8 pages with page numbers.

46.       09-14-2023    State’s response in opposition to Chesebro’s motion to speak with grand jurors. /s/ F. McDonald Wakeford, Alex Bernick. 7 pages with page numbers, Exhibit “A” is affidavit of Police Chief of Atlanta, Exhibit “B” is an article about a lawyer being barred from contacting grand jurors.  

45.       09-14-2023    Case Specific Scheduling Order.  Initial discovery by October 6, Motions by December 1, everything else to be determined.

44.       09-14-2023    Order on Defendants’ motions for severance or for stay. 7 pages, in the format “Page X of 7.” Hooray for Judge Scott McAfee!  

43.       09-13-2023    Motion/Order under Rule 22,  WSB-TV, WAGA, WANF, WXIA, COURTTV, Granted, media to be pool.  

42.       09-13-2023    Order denying Rule 22 press requests. Other pending press requests are denied.

41.       09-13-2023    Motion/Order under Rule 22, for computers, phones, cameras and other devices, on behalf of AP, AJC, Getty, European Pressphoto Agency, Reuters, USA Today Wire, Agence France-Presse, Washington Post, Hip-Hop Inquirer. Requesting agency to be pool. /s/ Mike Stewart of AP.

40.       09-12-2023    Trump’s waiver of statutory speedy trial, in exchange for severance. /s/ Steven Sadow.

39.       09-12-2023    State’s post-hearing brief regarding motions to sever by Chesebro and Sidney Powell. /s/ Steven Sadow.

38.       09-11-2023    Trump’s adoption of Smith’s Motion to Quash Indictment. /s/ Steven Sadow.

37.       09-11-2023    Trump’s adoption of Giuliani’s preliminary motion to quash. /s/ Steven Sadow.

36.       09-11-2023    Trump’s adoption of Chesebro’s general demurrer to Count 1.  /s/ Steven Sadow.

35.       09-11-2023    Trump’s adoption of Chesebro’s Motion to Dismiss, also known as a “demurrer.” /s/ Steven Sadow.

34.       09-11-2023    Trump’s Motion to proceed under Article 1 of OCGA 17-16-2(a). /s/ Steven Sadow.

33.       09-07-2023    Trump hereby notifies the Court that he may seek removal of his prosecution to federal court under 28 U.S.C. §§ 1442 & 1455. /s/ Steven H. Sadow, only one substantive page.

32.       09-06-2023    State’s motion to restrict jurors’ identities. /s/ Fani Willis and F. McDonald Wakeford, 6 pages, descriptive footer, no page numbers. Page Alex Bernick & give him a raise! He knows how to put page numbers in Word!!

31.       08-28-2023    Calendar notice – plea and arraignment 9-6-2023. Apparently for Trump’s counsel Steven Sadow. [Notes that face masks or facial coverings are required for entry into the courthouse.]

30.       08-28-2023    Calendar notice – plea and arraignment 9-6-2023. Apparently for Trump individually. [Notes that face masks or facial coverings are required for entry into the courthouse.]

29.       09-05-2023    State’s motion to use a juror questionnaire for jury selection.  By F. McDonald Wakeford and Alex Bernick for the State.  /s/ F. McDonald Wakeford, Alex Bernick, paginated, 3 pages. Thanks, Alex!!

28.       09-05-2023    Thirteen appearance bonds whereby DONALD TRUMP as Principal and FOSTER BONDING COMPANY as Security are firmly bound unto his Excellency, (emphasis added) Brian Kemp, Governor of the Great State of Georgia, etc., waiving all rights of homestead and exemption, and asserting that they “have never taken or availed ourselves or (sic) any homestead or exemption under the laws of this State or the United States, or elsewhere,” in the sum of $200,000 in aggregate, and probably an additional $20,000 plus an additional $2,000 as well. Hard copy of small pages may not come out right.  

27.       09-01-2023    Order denying Doc. 22, motion for court to advise defendants of effect of speedy trial demand.

26.       08-31-2023    Entry of appearance of Francys Johnson, Mawuli Davis, Roodgine Bray, Robert O. Bozeman, and Brittney Dobbins (Pro Hac Vice pending) of the law firm Davis Bozeman Johnson Law, who hereby notice their appearances of counsel on behalf of Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine, an African American owned Media Organization.

25.       08-31-2023    Trump’s motion to sever case from co-defendants who demanded speedy trial. This has a State’s motion attached. /s/ Steven Sadow, 3 pages, no page numbers, has a copy of docket #22 attached.

24.       08-31-2023    Trump’s waiver of appearance at arraignment and entry of a plea of not guilty. /s/ Steven Sadow, 2 pages, no page numbers.

23.       08-31-2023    Order allowing use of devices for non-recording purposes.

22.       08-30-2023    State’s motion for court to advise defendants of effects of speedy trial demand upon evidentiary and procedural rights, with supporting brief. /s/ F. McDonald Wakeford, John W. “Will” Wooten, 11 pages, descriptive footer, no page numbers.

21.       08-30-2023    Entry of appearance of Jennifer L. Little as counsel for Donald Trump.

20.       08-30-2023    Trump’s response in opposition to State’s motion to clarify, Doc. 20. /s/ Steven Sadow, 4 pages, no pagination.

19.       08-30-2023    Entry of appearance by Thomas M. Clyde and Lesli N. Gaither of the law firm Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, on behalf of following media organizations: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. (d/b/a ABC News); The Associated Press; Bloomberg L.P.; Cable News Network, Inc.; CBS Broadcasting Inc. (d/b/a CBS News); CMG Media Corporation and its television station WSB-TV; Dow Jones & Company, Inc., publisher of The Wall Street Journal; The E.W. Scripps Company on behalf of Scripps News, Court TV and its local media station group; Gray Media Group, Inc. and its television station WANF; The New York Times Company; Tegna Inc. and its television station WXIA-TV; WP Company LLC d/b/a The Washington Post (collectively, “Media Organizations”).  OSCAR’S NOTE: The certificate of service is an excellent resource to show who is a special prosecutor from a law firm, who is with the prosecutor’s office, and who has entered appearance for a defendant as of this filing. /s/ Thomas Clyde and Lesli N. Gaither, 5 pages but only 2 substantive, no pagination.

18.       08-30-2023    State’s motion to clarify and/or partially set aside scheduling order entered 8-24-2023. However, the order sought to be clarified apparently does not appear on Trump’s docket sheet. /s/ John W. “Will” Wooten, descriptive footer, 4 pages, no pagination.

17.       08-28-2023    Request for and order under General Rule 22 granting press privileges – by WSB-TV, WAGA TV, WANF TV, and WXIA TV. Requesting agency is pool. (Filed the 28th, granted the 24th.)

16.       08-28-2023   Order striking Doc. 7, dated 8-23-2023 as improperly filed. Apparently this was stricken and made unavailable – the docket shows no filings for that date. 

15.      08-25-2023   Order — notice of press pool hearing 8-31-2023 at 1:00 PM. 

14.      08-25-2023   State’s notice of initial batch of discovery, to be provided on USB sticks. /s/ Grant Rood, descriptive footer, 2 pages, not paginated.

13.      08-25-2023   Entry of appearance for nine lawyers for the State of Georgia, namely Nathan J. Wade, Anna Cross, John Floyd, (all as special prosecutors), and Daysha Young, Adam Ney, Alex Bernick, F. McDonald Wakeford, Grant Rood, and John W. “Will” Wooten ((these six as employees of the District Attorney’s Office).

12.      08-24-2023   Order striking amicus curiae (misspelled as “curie”) filing by Steinfeld, Lareine N. Her phone and email aren’t available.

11.       08-24-2023   Trump’s response in opposition to #10. /s/ Steven Sadow. 2 pages, one substantive.

10.       08-24-2023   State’s motion to specially set trial for October 23, 2023. /s/ Fani Willis, descriptive footer, no page numbers, 3 pages.

9.         08-24-2023   Entry of Steven Sadow as lead counsel for Donald Trump.

8.         08-22-2023   Motion for and order under General Rule 22 granting tv recording privileges, etc., for WSB-TV, WAGA TV, WANT TV, and WXIA TV, which will be pool for TV.

7.         08-21-2023   Consent Bond Order for Donald Trump – Total $200,000. /s/ Fani Willis for the State, /s/ Drew Finding, Marissa Goldberg, Jennifer Little for Defendant Trump. No descriptive footer, no page numbers, 3 pages.

6.        08-21-2023   Request for and order under General Rule 22 granting press privileges for a still photographer, by AP, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Getty, Reuters, EPA. Requesting agency is pool.   

5.         Case label – smaller version.

4.         Case label – Trump’s date of birth has been redacted.

3.         08-17-2023   Response and Objection to Docket #2 by defendant Jeffrey Clark. /s/ Harry W. MacDougald, 5 pages, no footer, no page numbers.   

2.         08/16/2023    State’s motion for pretrial scheduling order. /s/ Nathan Wade, special prosecutor. Descriptive footer, 2 pages, no page numbers.

1.         08/14/2023    Criminal indictment.